Rainforest Chocolate Discs

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Chocolate Discs: Gourmet Baking Chocolate

Professional dark chocolate baking discs made from rainforest grown cacao.

  • Cacao 66%
  • Non GMO
  • Rainforest Cacao
  • Couverture Quality
  • No Added Soy or Emulsifier
  • Only 3 Ingredients!
  • Vegan Chocolate
  • Baking Discs 1/2" Diameter (approximate)

Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Mass (Cocoa Liquor), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter.

Rainforest harvest within the heart of a nature park, the heirloom cacao of impeccable quality is protected by thick jungle and a pristine environment. This lush environment is also home to the jaguar, the long revered and honored protector of the rainforest. The jaguar watches over the cacao, sleeping in the tree above, making it the honored and very special rainforest gift for you to enjoy.

Baking Chocolate Discs

Professional quality Santa Barbara Chocolate discs and perfect for bakers who seek an extra fine chocolate flavor packed within a pleasant form. This circle chocolate shape is a smarter choice than chips because it holds the disc shape in baking yet still melts perfectly on your tongue when eating. The result is the best tasting chocolate chip cookie you have ever eaten with an easy to eat, smooth chocolate inclusion (this shape enhances the chocolate experience).

Suitable for brownies, ice cream and even candy making this is a versatile chocolate due to the special size of 1,200 pieces per pound.

Warranty Information

Dark Chocolate Discs for Baking and Candy Making. Rainforest Cacao Chocolate Disc diameter is approximately 1/2"

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