Ruby Chocolate

Ruby is a special process which unlocks the flavor and color naturally present in the ruby cocoa bean.

Ruby chocolate is crafted with natural ingredients, unique in color and flavor without colors or fruit flavorings being added. The spectacular taste and pink color come from bringing ingredients together in a secret trademarked process by a famous cacao grower. The bright pink color and flavor are naturally present in the ruby cocoa bean, yet can only be unlocked through a trademarked handling process and do not happen spontaneously in nature. When looking for Wholesale Ruby Couverture as an ingredient in a chocolate dessert on a menu, look for the different names based upon region and language. Ruby Chocolate is the most commonly used name, but you will often see it called Rose Chocolate on menus in Asia or Pink Chocolate in the Middle East. Here in the USA it is simply called ruby. The idea behind Rose Chocolate references both the color and vaguely the flavor.

The ruby chocolate is distinctive because the fresh berry-fruitiness and color precursors are naturally present. These special ruby cocoa beans are sourced from different tropical growing regions of the world using a careful selection method. Neither genus or origin determine the qualification for a cocoa bean to be a ruby bean. It’s the natural occurrence of the cocoa precursors that qualify a cocoa bean to have the ruby bean profile and evoke the ruby color and taste.

Try the new wholesale offering of ruby couverture chips and experience a confection with a taste unlike anything before. Made from cocoa beans, ruby has just recently been classified as chocolate by FDA definition. Ruby stands alone as a shining star in a fourth chocolate category.