White Chocolate Couverture

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White chocolate Couverture with extra cocoa butter is a very smooth melting confection.  The unique chocolate chunk like shape known as a Tab is based on years of chocolate research.


White Chocolate Couverture made with pure cocoa butter is the Best White Chocolate for melting and dipping. If you want high quality chocolate, this is the choice.

Couverture White Chocolate is a coating chocolate made with extra added cocoa butter to offer a smooth even melt, full of flavor and easy to temper. The Santa Barbara Chocolate brand of couvertures are gourmet quality.

Is white chocolate real chocolate? Yes because real white chocolate has cocoa butter as the main fat component. Cocoa butter is the natural fat from the cocoa bean. The best white chocolate will have cocoa butter and no artificial flavor or palm oil. Santa Barbara Chocolate white chocolate is made with pure cocoa butter and has no added palm oil, no artificial ingredients. GMO Free Santa Barbara white chocolate meets all standards of high quality chocolate and real chocolate.

The state of the art shape of our white chocolate is known as a Tab. Tabs are better than chocolate chips or chunks because Tabs make the chocolate taste better and offer a better melt if you plan to use it as a coating chocolate. Easy to grab and eat, the perfect size and shape - almost like a small chocolate bar, but better. Tabs have a soft rounded top and flat angular base edges, together this combination enhances the flavor. The white chocolate melts evenly releasing the complex flavor nuances of pure cocoa butter, whole milk and cane sugar.

Our Tabs shape is key to why our white chocolate tastes like it does. The Santa Barbara Chocolate research team discovered Tabs have the best melting characteristics along with an enhanced perception of smoothness and cocoa nuances. The milk also has a greater flavor intensity due to the tabs shape.

What we discovered is that chocolate rounded shapes enhance melting and smoothness perception while chocolate angular shapes or flatter shapes accent intensity of flavors like milk, vanilla and cocoa.  The fact couverture Tabs incorporate features of both rounded and angular design is why and how our couverture chocolate has an enhanced flavor resulting in the best chocolate experience.

GMO Free white chocolate and Kosher certified, our white chocolate has a subtle touch of natural vanilla added to help enhance the flavor of pure cocoa butter.

What is Couverture? Couverture chocolate is high quality chocolate that has been enhanced with extra cocoa butter and possibly an emulsifier to help reduce viscosity. Lower viscosity is the main determination of couverture chocolate. Lower viscosity means the chocolate  is less thick and sticky when melted. As a result, couverture is an easy melting chocolate that works well as a coating chocolate for hand dipped truffles.

White Chocolate Benefits:

1. Made with Cocoa Butter

2. Easy to flavor for Chocolate Making

3. Cocoa Butter has Heart Healthy Fat

4. Cocoa Butter is said to help boost immunity

5. Cocoa Butter is believed to have Cocoa Antioxidants just like Dark Chocolate

6. Cocoa Butter is wanted as the main white chocolate ingredient and preferred fat in chocolate couverture.

Santa Barbara Chocolate White Couverture is the best white chocolate choice.






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White Chocolate Couverture Tabs by the Santa Barbara Chocolate Brand is a gourmet chocolate perfect for melting and dipping. A real couverture with added cocoa butter to offer a higher gloss and shine when tempered with a perfect snap. The special Tab shape offers a unique tasting experience.

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  • 5
    Best White Chocolate!!

    Posted by Jessica Green on 10th Jan 2018

    After searching for a white chocolate online I happened to stumble across this unique shape and had to try it for my cookies. So glad I did as they worked great and I received so many compliments!

  • 5
    I love the new shape

    Posted by Sally Humphrey on 10th Jan 2018

    I re-sell the chocolate in my coffee shop and also use it to make hot chocolate. The new Tab shape melts quickly and easily in hot milk and my customers have been buying scoops of the Tabs for their coffee at home. A+ thank you

  • 4
    Great Baking Chocolate

    Posted by Aidan on 9th Jan 2018

    Melts easy - tastes good - thumbs up!!!!

  • 5
    Best White Chocolate

    Posted by M Stinson on 8th Jan 2018

    I just received my first order and the Santa Barbara Chocolatier who suggested I go with this chocolate was correct. It is so easy to temper, I temper without a thermometer even. I love this white chocolate and the new shape is so much better than the wafers.