White Chocolate Couverture

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What Is Couverture?

Chocolate couverture is chocolate with an additional amount of cocoa butter. Thanks to this addition, a couverture can melt smoothly and evenly, keeping its full flavor and remaining easy to temper. By definition, couverture has to have a minimum of 31% cocoa butter, and 35% cocoa solids. 

Is White Chocolate Real Chocolate?

White chocolate’s main ingredient is cocoa butter so obviously, it is chocolate indeed - but in order to be officially considered a white chocolate, it has to have at least 20% cocoa butter amongst other ingredients like milk solids and milk fat.  

What Is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is the natural fat obtained from the cocoa beans.

Why Santa Barbara Chocolate Couverture?

We produce our white chocolate couverture from pure cocoa butter, with no addition of palm oil or artificial ingredients. 

What’s more, for your convenience, our couverture is shaped like a tab. It is better than chocolate chips or chunks when you need it for coating because its larger surface area enables a better, more stable melt. 

It is generally easy to grab and eat or use for baking, as it has the perfect shape and size - it is like a small chocolate bar, but better. To enhance the flavor to an even higher degree, our white chocolate couverture tabs have a soft, rounded top and flat angular base edges. 

When our couverture melts, it evenly releases the authentic flavor nuances of pure cocoa butter, cane sugar, natural vanilla, and whole milk.



CHOCOLATE made in the USA

White Chocolate Couverture Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, nonfat dry milk, soy lecithin (emulsifier), natural vanilla extract. 

White Chocolate Ingredients showing Specifications and Information




White Chocolate Couverture

~1,000 tabs per pound



Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, nonfat dry milk, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract.

Country of Origin
United States
Allergen Information
Contains: milk and soy.
Chemical Limits Method
Moisture ≤ 1% IOCCC1(1952)
Total fat content 34.0 - 38.0% IOCCC14(1972)
Physical Limits Method
Viscosity B 40C-S27-20RPM 3,250.0 - 4,750.0 cP Internal Method
Viscosity B 40C-S27-20RPM 44.2 - 64.6 °MM Internal Method
Viscosity 40C-S27-20RPM 13.0 - 19.0 Internal Method
Casson yield value B calc. 25.0 - 65.0 D/cm³ Internal Method
Fineness (micrometer) 15.0 - 25.0 µm Internal Method
Microbiological Limits Method
Total plate count (CC) ≤ 5,000/g ISO4833
Yeasts ≤ 50/g ISO7954
Molds ≤ 50/g ISO7954
Enterobacteriaceae ≤ 10/g ISO21528-2
Coliforms ≤ 10/g ISO4832
E. coli Absent/g ISO16649-2
Salmonella Absent/25 g ISO6579
Recommended Storing Conditions
54 - 68°F; relative humidity ≤ 70%, in odor free atmosphere.
Shelf Life
Best used within 12 months.
Nutritional Information on Average for 3.53 oz (100 g)
Calories 561 kcal Calories from fat 317 kcal
Calories 2,349 kJ    
Total protein 6.2 g Milk protein 6.2 g
Protein (DV) 12.3%    
Total carbohydrates 56.4 g Sugars (mono + disaccharides) 55.7 g
Total carbohydrates (DV) 20.5%  Polyols 0.0 g
    Polydextrose 0.00 g
    Starch 0.0 g
Total fat 35.9 g Saturated fatty acid 21.6 g
Total fat (DV) 46.0% Saturated fatty acid (DV) 107.8%
    Mono unsaturated fatty acid 11.4 g
    Poly unsaturated fatty acid 1.2 g
    Trans fatty acid (TFA) total 0.2 g
    Cholesterol 19.6 mg
    Cholesterol (DV) 6.5%
Organic acids 0.39 g Dietary fiber 0.0 g
    Dietary fiber (DV) 0.0%
Total alkaloids 0.00 g Alcohol 0.00 g
Poly hydroxyphenols 0.00 g Vitamin A - Retinol 50.920 µg
    Vitamin A (DV) 5.7%
    Vitamin A (IU) 170
    Provitamin A - Beta-Caotene 26.377 µg
Vitamin B1 - Thiamin 0.050 mg Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin 0.338 mg
Vitamin B1 (DV) 4.1% Vitamin B2 (DV) 26.0%
Vitamin B3/PP - Niacin/Nicotin 0.113 mg Vitamin B5 - Pantoic Acid 0.596 mg
Vitamin B3 (DV) 0.7% Vitamin B5 (DV) 11.9%
Vitamin B6 - Pyridoxin 0.047 mg Vitamin B12 - Cyano-Cobalamine 0.548 µg
Vitamin B6 (DV) 2.7% Vitamin B12 (DV) 22.8%
Vitamin D - Calciferol 3.255 µg Vitamin E - Alpha-Tocopherol 2.515 mg
Vitamin D (DV) 16.3% Vitamin E (DV) 16.8%
Vitamin D (IU) 130 Vitamin E (IU) 4
Vitamin H - Biotin 3.547 mg Vitamin M - Folic Acid 11.116 µg
Vitamin H (DV) 118.2% Vitamin M (DV) 2.8%
Sodium 64.3 mg Vitamin C - L-Asorbic Acid 1.344 mg
Sodium (DV) 2.8% Vitamin C (DV) 1.5%
Phosphorus 156.0 mg Calcium 192.2 mg
Phosphorus (DV) 12.5% Calcium (DV) 14.8%
Iron 0.23 mg Magnesium 17.3 mg
Iron (DV) 1.3% Magnesium (DV) 4.1%
Zinc 0.66 mg Iodine 1.36 µg
Zinc (DV) 6.0% Iodine (DV) 0.9%
Chloride 164.77 mg Potassium 272.4 mg
Ash content 1.33 g Potassium (DV) 5.8%

*Nutrient content information is indicative of composition but not intended as definitive or complete. It is not intended for use in determining specific nutrient labeling values in finished products containing this ingredient as the responsibility for determining label information lies with the finished product manufacturer. Organic matter such as contained in products of this nature is subject to variation in nutritional composition. We disclaim any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including the implied warranty of merchantability. Our responsibility for claims arising from breach of warranty, negligence or any other cause shall not include consequential, special or incidental damages, even if we have been made aware of the possibility of such damages, and is limited to the purchase price of the product. None of the statements made herein shall be construed as a grant, either express or implied, of any license under any patent held by Santa Barbara Chocolate or other parties. 




White Chocolate Couverture Tabs by the Santa Barbara Chocolate Brand is a gourmet chocolate perfect for melting and dipping. A real couverture with added cocoa butter to offer a higher gloss and shine when tempered with a perfect snap. The special Tab shape offers a unique tasting experience.

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