French Chocolate Truffle Recipe

French Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Posted by Master Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 15th Jun 2016

French Chocolate Truffles are traditional dark chocolate truffles, hand rolled in cocoa powder or nut powder to mimic the look of the truffle mushroom (an exotic French mushroom that grows underground near the surface - traditional choice in French cuisine). 

Called French Truffles because of the look and also because the recipe was first developed for King Louis XIV The Sun King (1643-1715). The truffles were usually served as a dessert at royal feasts to impress visiting dignitaries. 

French Chocolate Truffle Recipe:


16 oz dark chocolate

1 oz honey

6 oz butter

Melt at a low temperature all ingredients above in a bowl. Whisk and once smooth and silky set aside covered for 24 hours.

After 24 hours spoon the soft filling and roll into balls. Drop the balls into Cocoa Powder (or nut powder) and coat fully.

The end result is a traditional French Chocolate Truffle fit for a king.

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