Simple Treats Like Chocolate and Success

Simple Treats Like Chocolate and Success

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 26th Apr 2021

Treats Like Chocolate and Success

How Simple Treats Can Help You Achieve Your Big Goals

It’s easy to set a goal but it’s quite another story on how you go about achieving the goal. It takes self-discipline, consistency, and a positive mindset to achieve your target and it can be quite daunting for most of us. In general, we have a mindset that we can only enjoy certain pleasures when we're done completing a task. We might withhold simple pleasures because we have responsibilities to fulfill, chores to attend or goals to achieve. We pin all our happiness on achieving the goal rather than enjoying the journey reaching the destination which at times, may not be simple and can be quite a struggle to stay focused.

But according to Dr. Mead and the co-authors of the paper "Simple Pleasures, Small Annoyances and Goal Progress in Daily Life" says that waiting to reward yourself might not be a smart decision. "We had this intuition that part of the power of simple pleasures is that they offset irritations that you have during the day," she further said, “Modern life is replete with irritations and we can't get around them but can counteract them with these kinds of pleasures."

Recording daily happiness & irritation

As per the same study mentioned above, which was published by the University of Chicago Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, they successfully proved scientifically that taking simple pleasure can actually help people achieve their goals.

In the study, they recruited 122 people to participate in six days’ survey to monitor the number of simple pleasures and annoyances that they experienced during the day. They then compared that with the evening reports the participants submitted on how far they had gone towards achieving their goals that day.

Using a real-time survey method, in which participants were asked 5 times a day to complete the online survey, researchers have found that experiencing simple pleasures throughout the day are related to making better progress and achieving personal goals. They found that a day full of annoyance distracts people from their goals and can negatively impact them in achieving their target. However, the negative impact of these annoyances can be canceled out if people experience a counter-balancing high number of simple pleasures.

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According to the survey, the most commonly recorded simple pleasures were socializing, food, entertainment, school, romantic relationships, and hobbies. Interestingly, what was marked as a simple pleasure by some was also marked as an annoyance by others - such as school or romantic relationships.

The result of the survey proved that simple pleasures have the power to make us feel good even when things are not going well. Small treats help in restoring one's psychological reserves to do well.

Take time to enjoy simple treats

happiness is a box of chocolate and books

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Therefore, it’s a good idea to take a small break to talk to a friend or indulge in some chocolate, especially when you’re struggling to meet a deadline or overall having a bad day. You now have a scientific study to back your idea of taking a chocolate reward to relieve yourself from stress. The road reaching toward your goal doesn’t have to be strictly straight without any bends. Take the weight-loss journey, for example, research has found that treating yourself during a diet actually helps you in achieving greater weight loss, not only that, but it will also increase motivation for the diet, prevent decreases in metabolic rate, and eliminate binging.

Giving yourself leeway to enjoy a small pleasure will help you stay motivated and stay on track. You’re entitled to self-fulfillment to progress. Below are practical ways to uplift your mood and make yourself feel better- especially when you’re on a quest to have a fulfilling or productive day.

Eight great ways to treat yourself when achieving your goals

  • Splurge on Spa

It’s a great way to relax by splurging on a spa. It works wonders when you have particularly stressful job to get done or difficult task to maneuver. Taking a spa day or having a good massage reboots your mind and body. Besides, there are great health benefits associated with massage and spa such as relieving yourself of muscle pain and stiffness, curing sleeplessness and it will help normalize blood pressure.

  • Read a great book

Reading is the best way to relax and even 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by two-thirds. Reading a great book is more than just a distraction, by engrossing in a book you escape the mundane stress and everyday worries as the words on the page engage your mind in imagination and stimulate your creativity. Reading recharges you and helps you get back on track with motivation.

  • Have a delicious chocolate snack

A good chocolate is renowned in lifting up the mood naturally. According to a scientific study done at the Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland, it was found eating just 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate regularly for a couple of weeks reduced stress hormones, including cortisol, in people who were highly stressed. This may be due to a number of antioxidants found in the chocolate.

Organic dark chocolate, like the one easily available on our site Santa Barbara Chocolate, is said to be the joy stimulant. Dark chocolate is famous to boost brain steroid levels that produce the feeling of the calm and bliss, provided that the dark chocolate is made with high-quality cocoa. That's because chocolate is the highest source of magnesium and rich in iron fiber. Chocolate in moderation is one of the best foods to eat during times of stress.

  • Rock a new look

Suppose you’re into a weight-loss regime, then you don’t have to aim at reaching the target to rock a new look. You can reward yourself with a soothing manicure or pedicure session, and a great haircut or outfit after reaching halfway through your goal. It will renew your motivation, energizes and reinforce your transformation. Besides, it will simply make you feel better about yourself.

  • Movie night

Having a movie night with friends or by yourself with a bag of popcorn is a great way to relax and have quality time. Allowing yourself to relax is a great way to improve your health overall. We emphasize exercise and staying active so much that we often forget that it's okay to pause and sit down for a while. It helps in boosting memory and improve ability to concentrate and focus.

  • Cook or bake for yourself

Cooking a great dish or baking a delicious cake is the ultimate way to reward yourself with food and feel productive. Include  raw cocoa or organic baking cocoa powder in your baking to increase awesome taste along with great nutrition found in cocoa.

  • Hang out with a friend or loved one

A sincere loyal friend or a loved one offers encouragement and support in times of need. Sometimes, just the encouragement is not enough to get to your goal, practical support is invaluable and make all the difference between success and failure. Especially if your friends have shared goals or hobbies, then they can be a source of invaluable advice and experience. Make sure to spend some quality time with your friends.

  • Take a nap

According to Michael S. Hyatt, ‘The secret to becoming more productive is not managing your time but your energy.' Taking a short nap is a great way to restore alertness and prevent burnout. It's not just about increasing productivity, there are a number of health advantages associated with napping according to a study published in the "Archives of Medicine". Those who take a midday siesta at least three times a week are 37 percent less likely to die of heart disease and tend to be more productive.

Final thoughts on taking occasional treats to keep one motivated

Like Dr. Mead said, “by acting as buffer against small annoyances, simple pleasures could also help people to fortify themselves psychologically to deal with stress and take on challenges.” So the next time your motivational level has taken a dip and you’re struggling to stay focus, take a well deserved break and enjoy the small treats life have to offer.

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