Sly's Restaurant in Carpinteria - One of a Kind

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Sly's Restaurant in Carpinteria - One of a Kind

From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave you are greeted and treated like a special friend at  Sly's Restaurant in Carpinteria California. World renowned chef James Sly and his lovely wife Annie have made their restaurant a true reflection of their own personalities and passion.

Sly's is a warm and inviting casual dress restaurant with white table cloth service and an outstanding wine selection (also make sure to check out their  homemade blueberry wine recipe!). It is also one of the few restaurants that makes their own dressings, sauces and creations all from scratch. James' expertise in creating the classic recipes shows through with exquisite taste, top notch flavor and beautiful presentation. James Sly selects the very best ingredients available and then adds his world class touch to each meal.

I enjoyed an incredible dinner of a clam chowder appetizer, fresh baked bread, real California abalone (try to find that on a menu somewhere other then Sly's) and farmer's market fresh garden eggplant and fennel root vegetables grilled to perfection. The dessert of course was incomparable. James uses our  cocoa and Kumba chocolate range in crafting a deep, very dark chocolate cake that is not too sweet. His outrageous pecan salted caramel chocolate sundae is a must have.

What is Sly's recipe for success? It is attention to detail, quality, value and love put into every morsel. I hope you and your family take the time to visit Santa Barbara County's newest landmark, Sly's in Carpinteria.