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Santa Barbara Chocolate

  • Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture is excellent for all bulk wholesale chocolate uses. In the shape of small belgian dark chocolate chips. Very dark chocolate flavor but still smooth and rich with an even melt.
    Belgian Bulk Dark Chocolate Couverture King of the Belgians
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  • Imported gourmet Belgian white chocolate couverture is milky and smooth. Made using pure cocoa butter. King of the Belgians White chocolate showcases the subtle nuances of the best white chocolate.
    Belgian White Chocolate Bulk Couverture
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  • Bittersweet chocolate chips smooth and great tasting. Couverture chocolate quality and perfect for bakery or confectionery.
    Bittersweet Chocolate Chips Kumba Recipe
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  • Couverture Dark Chocolate made from Caribbean cacao.  67% Cocoa Solids.
    Couverture Chocolate Caribbean 67% Cocoa Solids
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  • Dark Chocolate Butter Cream Truffles hand made with our dark chocolate 60% cocoa solids.  Creamy, smooth and rich, this is the buttercream truffle you've always wanted.
    Dark Chocolate Butter Cream Truffles 5lb. Bulk
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  • Dark Chocolate Cranberry Clusters are fun to eat chocolate covered fruit clusters. Chewy, tart and flavorful dark chocolate cranberry clusters are one of our favorite chocolates because of the great flavor and texture combination.
    Dark Chocolate Cranberry Clusters 5lb. Bulk
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  • Dark compound chocolate is easy to use.  Just melt and use like any confectioner's coating this is the best tasting candy coating available. Made with a mix of dark cocoa.
    Dark Compound Chocolate
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  • Ecuador rainforest Bulk Dark Chocolate 74% without Soy lecithin is made from the exotic Arriba cocoa bean.  A top quality fine flavor aroma chocolate couverture this chocolate will make you look like a professional. it is glossy and easy to use. Always tastes great and works in every recipe.  You could easily call it the best dark chocolate around.
    Ecuador Rainforest Bulk Dark Chocolate 74% without soy lecithin
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  • 12 assorted chocolates all made using top notch ingredients. Caramel creams, dark chocolate truffles, milk chocolate with hazelnut and exotic flavors like Santa Barbara passion fruit or Ojai orange round out the selection. Assorted chocolate flavors and types change frequently and are based on the chocolatier's preference for the season and availability of fresh ingredients.
    Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Gift
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  • Homemade chocolate truffles hand packed in our deluxe gift box.
    Homemade Chocolate Truffles | Chocolate Factory Assortment
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  • Brazilian Milk Compound Chocolate tastes similar to real milk chocolate but unlike real milk chocolate does not require tempering.  Perfect for quick easy and fast candy making recipes.
    Milk Compound Chocolate
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  • Onyx Dark Cocoa Dipping Chocolate is a versatile easy to use cocoa coating that does not require tempering.
    Onyx Dark Cocoa Dipping Chocolate
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  • Opal White Dipping Chocolate is a Confectionery Coating and Ganache Truffle Filling. Shelf stable, great tasting easy to use choice. No trans fats and with a great white chocolate flavor bakers love our Opal to coat cakes, dip fruit, cookies and fill truffles.  Easy to color and flavor this is the magic secret professional chefs and bakers opt to use for dessert recipes. 10lb pail for easy melting in the microwave.
    Opal White Dipping Chocolate
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  • Amazonas Organic Dark Chocolate Couverture Chips have 70% cocoa solids and are without soy lecithin. New in the couverture chocolate chip format for baking and easy melting. More fluid viscosity and easier tempering make this chocolate chip the best organic couverture for easy candy making. Amazonas Organic Dark Chocolate Couverture with 70% cocoa solids. Share with your friends and your loved ones the taste of exotic rare cacao grown deep in the rainforest of South America. This is the exotic taste of real chocolate.
    Organic Dark Chocolate 70% without soy lecithin Couverture
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  • Organic Dark Chocolate Couverture medallions are perfect for all chocolate making. In fact, these are our best selling organic chocolate medallions.
    Organic Dark Chocolate Couverture 60%
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  • Organic homemade chocolate truffles made fresh daily by our chocolatier.
    Organic Homemade Chocolate Truffles | Vegan friendly
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  • Organic milk chocolate couverture by Santa Barbara Chocolate is far and away the best milk chocolate available for coating truffles and tempering.  Single origin cacao from Peru.
    Organic Milk Chocolate Couverture
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  • Organic White Chocolate Chips are sold as a bulk wholesale couverture chocolate factory direct and always fresh from Santa Barbara Chocolate. Our gourmet organic chocolate chips are made with real vanilla ground up in the chocolate. You can see the flecks of vanilla bean in the chocolate.
    Organic White Chocolate Chips
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  • Santa Barbara Chocolate Baking Cocoa is a Dutch process cocoa powder with a teak color. Our baking cocoa mixes easily in liquid and offers a low acid, fudge flavor with no fruit nuances. This is the cocoa powder for making classic brownie and chocolate fudge. Very high quality cocoa due to the selection of raw cacao beans and proper winnowing to ensure low ash and husk content. Wholesale Bulk Cocoa Powder Supplier.  Buy the best cocoa powder at the lowest prices.
    Rainforest Bulk Cocoa Powder
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  • Rio Tigre Bulk White Chocolate Couverture
    Rio Tigre Wholesale White Chocolate
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  • Unsweetened dark drinking chocolate. Our gourmet blended dark drinking chocolate has no added sugar and is thick, rich and tasty.
    Unsweetened Gourmet Drinking Chocolate
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  • Vietnam Origin Extra Dark Chocolate 73% without Soy Lecithin is easy to temper and use as your main chocolate couverture in all recipes regardless of baking or moulding requirements.  Very fluid when melted and wonderful to eat straight from the bag.  This is the real chocolatier's chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Medallions shown stacked as serving suggestion.
    Vietnam Origin Extra Dark Chocolate 73% without Soy Lecithin
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  • White Compound Chocolate is an extra high quality confectioners coating that tastes great for all types of dipping chocolate recipes.  Use as you would any cocoa butter chocolate but no need to temper.
    White Compound Chocolate
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  • 100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate has no added sugar and is merely finely ground cacao.  Works perfectly for making extra dark chocolate brownies or eating right from the bag for a robust cacao experience.
    100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate
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  • Organic Dark Chocolate Couverture Chips with 72% cocoa solids are the best chocolate chips available.  Made with premium cocoa and organic certified so you can trust the quality of our chocolates. Organic Dark Chocolate 72% Couverture is a professional chocolate, exceptional flavor and outstandingly smooth melt. The best value for certified organic top quality couverture. This is gourmet chocolate.
    Bulk Organic Dark Chocolate 72% without Soy Lecithin
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  • Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtles are hand crafted according to a classic homemade turtle recipe.
    Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtles 5.5lb. Bulk
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  • Dark Chocolate Fudge Truffles are handmade and dipped in the traditional homemade chocolate making style. Gourmet chocolate fudge is the perfect dessert. Each chocolate is a large piece that weighs about 2oz.
    Dark Chocolate Fudge Truffles 5lb. Bulk
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  • Organic Healthy Chocolate sweetened with coconut palm sugar and no added soy.
    Healthy Chocolate | Coconut Palm Sugar Sweetened
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  • Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtles are our homemade chocolate specialty.  Hand dipped by our Santa Barbara Chocolatiers we ship fresh daily from our California Chocolate Factory.
    Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan Turtles 5.5lb. Bulk
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  • Santa Barbara Chocolatiers hand dip fresh milk chocolate covered cherries.  Inside a thick Belgian milk chocolate coating liquid cherry fondant with real cherry juice suspends a plump morello cherry.
    Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries 4.5lb. Bulk
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  • Buy Wholesale Bulk Dark Chocolate made from Trinitario Cacao.  75% cocoa solids our Trinidad Dark Chocolate is the best tasting dark chocolate in the 75% cocoa solids category.  Easy to temper and perfect for chocolate making or enjoy right from the package.
    Wholesale Bulk Dark Chocolate 75% Trinidad
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  • Belgian dark chocolate covering a morello cherry filling made of a fresh whole cherry and a thick cherry juice liquid offer the best tasting chocolate covered cherries available.  Gourmet chocolate cherry cordials like none other will impress the chocolate fruit lover.
    Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries 4.5lb. Bulk
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  • Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Truffles are hand dipped in our gourmet California chocolate. Large and weighing in at almost 2oz. each, this is a very satisfying dessert truffle.
    Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Truffles 5lb. Bulk
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  • 1/2lb California Collection which is about 20 chocolates. This version has the deluxe gift wrap ribbon.
    California Chocolate Nuts and Fruit Gift Box
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  • 100% Organic Unsweetened Chocolate is wholesome and smooth direct to you from the rainforest of Peru. A treat like no other, this is the pure taste of the most delicate and complex flavored baking chocolate available. Perfect for eating and great for those wanting to have the maximum amount of cacao in each bite.
    100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate
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  • Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Favors filled with four homemade chocolate truffle recipe chocolates. Made by our chocolatier using a combination of our organic chocolate and single origin chocolate couvertures.  We've combined our best dark chocolate with a range of exquisite flavors to make these chocolate truffles. Milk chocolate caramel, raspberry truffles or extra dark chocolate are some of the flavors you'll find in the gourmet assortment.
    Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Favors 25 Gift Boxes
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  • Belgian Dark Chocolate bulk couverture at wholesale prices is a great value for home cooking and professional candy making. True to the real Belgian chocolate taste of dark roast cocoa beans with a touch of vanilla, this is the chocolate coffee lovers crave. This is an extra dark chocolate that is not too bitter or too earthy but rather balanced.
    Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture Grand Aroma
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  • 100% pure cacao in the raw chocolate form. The variety Criollo cocoa beans grown in the South Pacific, from the the Fijian Islands is the type of raw cacao we use in making some of our chocolates in our small artisan chocolate factory. Make your own bean to bar chocolates just the way our chocolatiers do it. Enjoy them raw to savor the exotic flavors and to enjoy the cocoa antioxidant benefits.
    100% Pure Cacao Raw Chocolate Cocoa Beans
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  • King of the Belgians Milk Chocolate Couverture is unlike any other Belgian chocolate.  We are using premium cocoa beans, top quality milk and no fillers.  This is the taste of real gourmet milk chocolate.
    Belgian Milk Chocolate Bulk Couverture
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  • Milk Chocolate Couverture made with Peruvian cacao. Complex and refined chocolate flavor with 39% cocoa solids make this wholesale bulk milk chocolate the first choice in chocolate making and baking by chefs and chocolatier professionals.
    Milk Chocolate Couverture Peru 39%
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  • Rainforest Milk Chocolate Couverture is the best of both milk chocolate and dark chocolate combined together as one chocolate.  This gourmet chocolate experience is not too sweet yet it is a milk chocolate.  Dark cocoa and milk is what you get in this chocolate. Taste the new world of milk chocolate.
    Rainforest Milk Chocolate
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  • Rio Tigre Wholesale Milk Chocolate is the best milk chocolate for all candy making recipes and baking.  Taste and compare and you'll see why our chocolates are recognized award winning couvertures.
    Rio Tigre Wholesale Milk Chocolate
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  • Black Cocoa Powder that tastes great is hard to find.  Our Rainforest Black Cocoa is free of the heavy burnt taste so typical with very dark cocoa. The reason why our cocoa tastes great is due to our alkalization process of the cocoa beans and very finely tuned roasting.  We do not burn the cocoa beans. As a result, you can have the incredible black color cocoa and with all the fine flavor of roasted cocoa, fudge chocolate.  Your Mud pie recipe never tasted so awesome!
    Rainforest Black Cocoa Powder
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  • Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder
    Rainforest Red Cocoa Powder
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