Famous French Chocolate

What is French Chocolate?

French milk and dark chocolate couvertures, and baking chocolates tend to be bold in flavor with a more present bitterness than their Eurpoean counterparts. French chocolate is usually not as sweet as Belgian Chocolate or Swiss Chocolate.


Styles of French Chocolates

French chocolates such as truffles and ganache are made in many styles. Often they are a cut ganache enrobed in couverture and this is what one will find in the chocolate shop. Flavors are subtle and delicate with slight bitterness.

Chocolate Pioneers 

The French have pioneered the introduction of high cocoa solid chocolates. They were also some of the first to recognize the health benefits of chocolate.

"The Santa Barbara Chocolate Organic 72% Hispania is an extra fine example of French chocolate flavor."

-Master Chocolatier, Santa Barbara Chocolate Company