Chocolate and Tea Pairings

Chocolate and Tea Pairings

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Chocolate and Tea

Whether it’s a steaming cup of British tea with milk and sugar or a small glass of African black with a wedge of lemon, tea has been charming the pants off us for centuries. There’s something extra special about tea, and even more so when it’s paired with a delicious lump of rich and decadent chocolate. However it’s important to get the balance right, each tea is so utterly unique and with a whole host of flavors we want to help you get it exactly right.

Full Bodied Tea

Assam tea and English breakfast teas are rich, full bodied and even have a slight coppery note. These teas are often served with a small splash of milk which makes them the perfect combination for milk chocolate treats. The strong flavor diluted with milk matches the creaminess of milk chocolate and allows a delicate balance to linger on your tongue.

Floral Teas

Tea is a gift from Mother Nature and nothing puts a spring in your step like a cup of delicate, floral tea. These teas include green tea, one of the greatest anti-oxidants known to man, along with lots of Japanese inspired varieties. Because many floral teas are so light they can be matched magnificently with  semi-sweet chocolate for a contrasting flavor. The key is 'less is more'; you don’t want to overwhelm your taste buds but allow them to linger in simple pleasures. For a flavor that ignites why not pair a slightly citrus earl grey with a dark orange chocolate or try a jasmine green tea with a piece of dreamy white chocolate.

Earthy Teas

There are some delicious earthy teas on the market such as masala chai and lapsong souchong, these teas have a certain smokiness that can be paired with deep and  dark bitter chocolate. Earthy teas have the flexibility to also suit those chocolates that are bright and oozing with rich fruit flavors. When it comes to spicy teas such as the chai variety you can afford to pair these with white or even milk chocolate for a heady, almost dessert style experience.

Fruit Teas

Fruit teas can be complex when it comes to finding a chocolate match made in heaven. Because these kinds of teas are already bursting with flavors you need to keep it sweet and simple as not to overwhelm your palette. Milk and white chocolate is not your best option here, the creaminess paired with fruit will do little to complement each other. With this in mind try sticking to a light dark chocolate, even a  slightly bitter chocolate would work well as the sweetness of the fruit and the bitterness of the chocolate will highlight the qualities of each.

Friends, Lovers and Soul Mates

There are three ways to consider tea and chocolate. The first is as friends, where both the tea and the chocolate enjoy the same characteristics. The second is as lovers, when the steaming cup and the luxurious chocolate complement each other despite their apparent differences. The third perspective is as soul mates, where nothing can pull the pure bliss of these two tastes apart. Yet the joy lies in experimenting, because you can never drink enough tea and you can never taste enough chocolate.