Dipping, Melting, and Mixing Chocolate with Fruit

Dipping, Melting, and Mixing Chocolate with Fruit

Published by Chocolatier Jason Vishnefske on 3rd Sep 2022

Fun and Fruity Chocolate Dipping Ideas

Make no mistake life is better when there is chocolate and there is no better way to celebrate than dipping just about everything in chocolate. From chocolate fountains to chocolate fondue, chocolate covered pretzels, fruit, popcorn and even the kitchen sink…you can’t go wrong with chocolate dipping.

The Night I Fell in Love with Chocolate Dipping

The first time I discovered chocolate dipping was during a friend’s wedding and I literally spent all night hovering around the chocolate fountain missing the toasts, the first dance and even the wedding cake! After the wedding was over I agonized over how to bring back the pleasure of the chocolate fountain and this was when I discovered chocolate dipping. The beauty of chocolate dipping is that it is so versatile. You can give chocolate dipped strawberries as a birthday gift, you can serve up chocolate dipped fruit skewers at a dinner party and you can spend a wet Saturday afternoon making chocolate dipped marshmallows with the kids.

The Secret Ingredient to Chocolate Fondue

The secret to a fantastic fondue, a fabulous fountain and a delectable dip however is the quality of chocolate. Since that fateful night when the chocolate fountain slipped inside my dreams I have been using Santa Barbara's dipping chocolate. I adore Santa Barbara Chocolate Company mainly because they are a Californian family owned company and because they actually care about the quality of the chocolate. Rather than stuffing it full of additives and preservatives, Santa Barbara Chocolate offers the real deal, pure, unadulterated chocolate, which constantly delivers the true taste of quality.

When selecting Santa Barbara Chocolate go for the dipping chocolate in either creamy white or deep dark. These chocolates are heavenly to work with and you get that glorious sheen once it hardens. Anyway take a look at these fun and fruity chocolate dipping ideas.

White Chocolate and Raspberries

If ever there was a Romeo and Juliet of the food world it would be white chocolate and raspberries. These star crossed lovers may be a match made in heaven but they are doomed to be devoured. Choose ruby red raspberries and dip them in decadent melted white chocolate for a delicious sweet and fruity treat.

Chocolate Swirled Bananas

The kids adore this little gem of a recipe and it’s so simple! Grab a banana and swirl it in some melted white, dark or milk chocolate, you can even jazz up this recipe by sprinkling the freshly dipped banana in crushed nuts or bright sprinkles for a fun afternoon snack. To make the perfect banana swirl, check out this quick and easy recipe.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry and Grape Skewers 

Turn your after-hours dinner party into something truly delectable. Chocolate dipped fruit skewers are the ultimate grown up candy. Choose fresh fruit that is easy to skewer – I love bright strawberries, green grapes and even a chunk of pineapple or two. Then dip the whole skewer in gorgeous melted chocolate, the darker the better, and serve with a glass of bubbly for a Great Gatsby style soiree.