Chocolate and Cocoa Size and Color Comparison


A representation of the various types of chocolate couverture coins we offer. Our chocolate couverture coins have approximately 450 pieces per pound. From left to right showing: unsweetened, dark, dark milk, milk and white chocolate



 Showing in this photo is a representation of our 2000 count chocolate chips. The count represents approximately how many chips per pound there are. From left to right showing: dark, milk and white.


Chocolate chips come in many different shapes and sizes. At Santa Barbara Chocolate, we are able to offer a wide range of customized chips made fresh to order. Taking a look at the image above, you will be able to see the largest chip (right) compared to one of our smallest chips offered (left). The measurements are done in chips per pound. On the left, '1M' refers to the count per pound for the chip size (1,000 count = 1,000 chips per pound). The 'K-200' measurement, on the left, refers to the amount of chips per 100g. In this instance it would mean 200 chips per 100g.



In this photo we can see the shape and size of our Milk and White Couverture Chocolate Tabs. These are considered to be approximately 800 count per pound with slight variation between pieces. On the left we have our Milk Couverture Chocolate and on the right we have our White Couverture Chocolate.



Here is a side by side comparison of our most popular chocolate couverture sizes. The medallions will include approximately 230 pieces per pound, the coins will have approximately 450 pieces per pound and the count on the chips represents approximately 2000 pieces per pound. From left to right showing: medallions, coins and our 2000 count chips. 



 Our high quality cocoa powders come in various colors for your production needs. From left to right showing: black, brown and red cocoa powder.



Introducing our organic cocoa powder line, we decided to go with a dutch and natural option depending on your application. Left we have a slightly darker organic dutch cocoa powder and on the right our organic natural cocoa powder.


Current Chocolate Couverture Sizes

Organic Chocolate

  • 100% Pure Cacao Organic Dark Unsweetened Chocolate- Coin
  • 100% Rainforest Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate - Coin
  • Cacao Chocolate Chips | Chocolate Liquor - 2000ct Chip
  • Bulk Organic Dark Chocolate 72% without soy lecithin - Medallion
  • Organic Chocolate Chips | Coconut Palm Sugar Sweetened - 1000 count chip
  • Organic Dark Chocolate 70% without soy lecithin couverture - 2000ct Chip
  • Couverture Chocolate - Coin

Standard Chocolate

  • Belgian Bulk Dark Chocolate King of the Belgians - Coin
  • Belgian Dark Chocolate Couverture Grand Aroma - Coin
  • Melting Chocolate Chips - 1000ct Chip
  • Truffle Chocolate; Best Chocolate for Candy Making - 1000ct Chip
  • Milk Chocolate Couverture - Tabs
  • Belgian Milk Chocolate Bulk Couverture - Coin
  • White Chocolate Couverture - Tabs
  • Belgian White Chocolate Bulk Couverture - Coin

New Mini Wafer Chocolate

Features: 1,200 pieces per pound approximately, small flat round chocolate disks, easy melting, easy tempering and perfect for chocolate inclusion applications like in cookies or granola.


Chocolate Shape and Flavor Profile

The shape chocolate is made into plays a role into flavor perception. Santa Barbara Chocolate shape and sizes are designed for both application and the maximum flavor experience.  Please see this article to understand more: