Stevia Chocolate Chips | Sugar Free Organic Chocolate Couverture

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Stevia Chocolate Chips are an organic sugar-free chocolate with 70% cocoa solids. This couverture grade chocolate has a smooth melt due to fine cacao milling and high cocoa butter content. Without a doubt, this is the very best tasting, top-quality, sugar-free dark chocolate available.

Stevia Chocolate tastes amazing and have a mild sweetness from zero-calorie stevia. This innovative dark chocolate is perfect for those on a sugar restrictive diet who want the full flavor and experience of traditional tasting chocolate, but without the sugar.

70% Cacao Solids - No Soy Added Chocolate

  • Made with Ethical Trade South American Cacao
  • Chocolate Shape: 1,200 mini wafer chips in a pound (approx.)

Pure Dark Chocolate Chips - Sugar-Free, With Added Stevia, Tasting Mildly Bittersweet

Baking chocolate that's sugar-free and also perfect for candy making has not been available until now with this Santa Barbara Chocolate innovation. Through a special blending of premium ingredients wit cacao solids, Santa Barbara Chocolate has made a couverture grade, sugar-free chocolate that delivers versatility without compromise. Sugar-free cookie recipes are the test for quality baking chocolate that is also without sugar. Our sugar-free dark chocolate chips are larger size chips so you get more chocolate in every cookie bite. Because the chocolate flavor is clean, nobody can tell the cookies have no added sugar (trick your spouse and kids into eating cookies with sugar-free chocolate chips). For candy making Santa Barbara Chocolate is significantly more flavorful and most importantly the viscosity (fluidity) of the sugar-free chocolate is fluid and easy to temper.

Why the Stevia Plant Ingredient in Sugar-Free Chocolate?

The stevia we use in making our sugar-free chocolate chips is of premium quality, tested and audited for safety. Stevia plants are originally from Paraguay, South America, and have been used in food and medicine for centuries.

Because organic stevia is a plant with no sugar it is often used as a sugar substitute in both keto and paleo diet recipes.

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips are Dark Chocolate with 70% cacao solids. Ethical trade and Grade AA cacao results in extra fine quality no added sugar chocolate.

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