Chocolate Melting Wafers

Bulk Melting Wafers and Dipping Chocolate

As connoisseurs of chocolate we understand that many of our customers buy our chocolate wafers to eat and ultimately to explore the world of creative cooking and chocolate making. The final chocolate creation is only as good as the ingredients used, which is why we continue to source and supply the very best.

What are Chocolate Wafers when Considering Chocolate Shape? Bulk chocolate wafers in this category are defined as small flat chocolate coins in shape. Wafers are shapes that are flat and round. Chocolate wafers are larger than the standard chip size of 2,000 pieces per pound (measured as count or CT). Each chocolate listed in this category has a specification sheet that lists an approximate size. You'll notice all sizes are less than the chocolate chip count per pound of 2,000CT. So a 1,200CT specification means there are 1,200 chocolate wafers in a pound. In this particular example of 1,200CT the chocolate wafers are about 40% larger than the standard chocolate chip that has 2,000 pieces in a pound. So this offers a technical way of understanding the approximate size of these chocolate types.

What is Melting Chocolate? Melting chocolate is defined as chocolate that melts evenly and without excessive heat. The melt will be smooth and glossy. The melting is due to the addition of cocoa butter in the chocolate or in the compound varieties a palm butter. The even and smooth melt lends the chocolate to use for enrobing and dipping.

What is Dipping Chocolate? We define dipping chocolate as chocolate that has a fluid viscosity at 87F so that it is easy to dip fruit and truffles. Some chocolates defined as dipping varieties will not offer the fluid viscosity. Ours will meet fluidity of 125V with some being even more fluid and flowing. 

Quality Bulk Chocolate Wafers, Melting and Dipping Chocolate: Many of our clients are home bakers, chefs, patisseries, and independent businesses who earn a living from molding their sweet passion using our range of melting chocolate. This client base reflects in our products, as at Santa Barbara Chocolate, we stock more than the basic block of chocolate. Our bulk chocolate wafer line has been hand selected with perfection in mind. Get ready for the delight of working with the best dipping chocolate available on the market. Our products are ethically and ecologically inspired affording you the opportunity to give your dessert the true kiss of quality.

  • Wholesale white chocolate wafers are made with pure prime pressed cocoa butter so it is not too sweet and of excellent quality.  A true white chocolate couverture that is easy to melt and temper, it is a delight to eat and will impress all who long for a great cocoa butter chocolate.

    Melting White Chocolate Wafers

  • Swiss Chocolate Couverture Chips for baking and easy melting. More fluid viscosity and easier tempering make this chocolate chip the best dark couverture for easy candy making. Share with your friends and your loved ones the taste of exotic rare cacao grown deep in the rainforest of Venezuela. This is the exotic taste of real chocolate made to Swiss perfection.

    Swiss Dark Chocolate

  • Organic Dark Chocolate Couverture with 72% cocoa solids are the best chocolate coins available.  Made with premium cocoa and organic certified so you can trust the quality of our chocolates. California Chocolate made in the USA this gourmet Organic Dark Chocolate 72% Couverture is a professional chocolate, exceptional flavor and outstandingly smooth melt. The best value for certified organic top quality couverture. This is gourmet chocolate. Only 3 ingredients too. Soy free chocolate, no added vanilla - - this is real chocolate.

    Bulk Organic Dark Chocolate 72% without Soy Lecithin

  • Dark confectionery candy wafers are also called compound coating. In sales literature they are sometimes called melting chocolate or pre-tempered chocolate, but this is technically incorrect because it is not chocolate under FDA terms. Compound does taste much like chocolate and is easy to use with no need to temper.

    Brazilian Style Dark Compound Confectionery Coating

  • Milk Compound Coating does not require tempering. It is a fast and easy to use coating perfect for chocolate making and dipping pastries and fruit.

    Brazilian Style Milk Compound Confectionery Coating

  • White Compound commonly called white candy wafers is a confectionery coating for easy dipping of chocolate. The cocoa butter has been replaced with RSPO certified palm and so the compound tastes like white chocolate, technically it is not white chocolate because it has no cacao as an ingredient. The ingredients are based on palm, milk and cane sugar. The flavor can best be described as white fudge.

    Brazilian Style White Compound Confectionery Coating

  • Bittersweet Chocolate: USDA Organic Chocolate is made from exotic Rainforest cocoa beans.  A top quality fine flavor aroma chocolate couverture this chocolate will make you look like a professional every time. It is glossy and easy to use. Always tastes great and works in every recipe.  You could easily call it the best dark chocolate for candy making.

    Bittersweet Melting Chocolate Wafers | USDA Organic

  • Chocolate Discs are easy to temper and use as your main chocolate couverture in all recipes regardless of baking or moulding requirements.  Fluid when melted and wonderful to eat straight from the bag.  This is the real chocolatier's chocolate.
Semisweet Chocolate  shown stacked and enlarged to show shape and as serving suggestion.

    Semisweet Dark Chocolate Wafers

  • Mexican style chocolate for the best hot chocolate. Sweet with a strong fruit and vanilla chocolate flavor.

    Mexican Chocolate Wafers

  • Swiss Milk Chocolate made with real Alpine milk  is ideal for all candy making recipes and baking.  Taste and compare and you'll see why our chocolates are recognized award winning couvertures.

    Alpine Swiss Milk Chocolate