Compound Coating

Compound Coating Doesn't Require Tempering

Compound coating is also known as confectionery coating, candy wafers and melting wafers. These wafers don't require tempering because they are made with a trans fat free, environmentally friendly RSPO certified palm oil in place of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is in chocolate and this is the natural fat from the cocoa bean. Chocolates with cocoa butter require tempering when melted and reformed to allow them to have a shine and nice snap. Confectionery coatings have the cocoa butter replaced with a palm fat so just melt and work with no need to temper.  Learn more about chocolate tempering. Dark compound confectionery coatings have cocoa powder as an ingredient and white compound confectionery coatings have milk as an ingredient. The Santa Barbara Chocolate compound coatings are made using premium ingredients like Brazilian cocoa or high quality cream. These are real gourmet candy wafers of premium quality made from top shelf ingredients. For example, we opted for the top tier cocoa powder and asked for ethical trade environmental friendly palm oil. The quality of these raw ingredients make a difference in the gourmet flavor of the dipping coating, which works wonderfully as a candy coating perfect for dipping chocolates. Keep in mind these candy coatings are not real chocolate even though they have cocoa ingredients and taste like chocolate. These gourmet candy coatings are designed for fast and easy melting while maintaining a pre-tempered state throughout usage of dipping and coating. Mix white compound with dark compound in equal parts to make milk compound. This saves on inventory management cost and allows further diversity as you can custom create your own flavor profiles.

Santa Barbara Chocolate confectionery compounds  do not require tempering, but even still it is recommended to monitor the temperature when melting. Melt the compound coating in short intervals like 20 seconds, stirring and stopping between until the wafers are fully melted. When melting do not exceed 110F. The melted coating will set quickly and tastes great. We use real vanilla and have not included any of the unhealthy hydrogenated oils or titanium dioxide like other brands of no temper chocolate coating.


  • Dark confectionery candy wafers are also called compound coating. In sales literature they are sometimes called melting chocolate or pre-tempered chocolate, but this is technically incorrect because it is not chocolate under FDA terms. Compound does taste much like chocolate and is easy to use with no need to temper.

    Brazilian Style Dark Compound Confectionery Coating

  • Milk Compound Coating does not require tempering. It is a fast and easy to use coating perfect for chocolate making and dipping pastries and fruit.

    Brazilian Style Milk Compound Confectionery Coating

  • White Compound commonly called white candy wafers is a confectionery coating for easy dipping of chocolate. The cocoa butter has been replaced with RSPO certified palm and so the compound tastes like white chocolate, technically it is not white chocolate because it has no cacao as an ingredient. The ingredients are based on palm, milk and cane sugar. The flavor can best be described as white fudge.

    Brazilian Style White Compound Confectionery Coating